Today we will be highlighting the use of the 128 party built in meet-me conference bridge from Avaya IP Office.

Accessing the conference bridge

All of the users will be offered a dial in number, an ID code as well as a pin for the conference.

From outside the office

  1. Dial the conference bridge number
  2. Enter the provided conference ID number
  3. Enter your pin code
  4. You have joined the meeting

From inside the office

  1. Enter the conference ID number only
  2. You have joined the meeting

Inside users have a details (soft key) tab that you can push to see who is dialed into the bridge. You can mute or remove each caller in this section. This feature allows 64 callers on an individual bridge with a total of 128 callers on the entire conference bridge meaning we can have multiple conferences at any given time that do not exceed 128 callers.

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