We will be going over the steps necessary to add a new user to your system.

I. Creating a new user in Avaya Manager
  1. Log onto a computer that has your Avaya manager software for IP Office.
  2. Select that you would like to add a new employee
    1. Type in your password
    2. This will open up the management interface
    3. Click on user
    4. Sort the user extensions in your office to see what is available
    5. Select an extension that is available
    6. Right click on the free extension and select “New”
    7. Type the users full name (and fill out the remaining fields)

The system will prompt you asking which type of extension it is. If it is an IP extension select H323, and select “Ok”

Voicemail to email
If the user would like to utilize this function simply type in the users email address and select unified messaging.

Save the file by clicking the purple save disk in the upper left corner. A pop-up will alert you that this will be merged into your system not affecting any users on the phone and this will not reboot your system.

II. Activating the phone

Once your Avaya IP Phone (in the video we are using an Avaya 9630 IP phone)

  1. Click login
  2. Enter the extension
  3. Click done or # (either works)
  4. Voicemail is already set up from Avaya Manager
  5. The user will need to record their name and voicemail greeting

And you’re done!If you ever have any questions feel free to call us directly toll free at 877-625-7286.

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