Video Testimonial – Galil Medical

“One of the things we didn’t expect and this is why KAISERComm was really helpful, we didn’t expect our cell phone bills to be significantly essay writing service lower and they ended up being much lower because we are finding that a lot of people were dialing cell phone to cell phone, but the other cell phone was in Israel”

“Now they use the IP Office, they can even still do cell phone to cell phone and go through our MPLS connection and make a free cell phone to cell phone call which makes it a lot cheaper too with free international cell phone calls.�����������������������������������������
Izac Adams
IT Manager
Galil Medical

“KAISERComm installed a complex VOIP system at our data center utilizing VOIP technology. We networked our seven remote sites over MPLS combined with Avaya gateways. This configuration has allowed us to centrally manage the phone system across the entire company. In addition to easier system administration, our users are able to 4-digit dial each other from any of our locations. Our technology solution included Voicemail, unified messaging, IP phones, call accounting and a host of peripheral equipment for a seamless integration essays into our data network. The reports that have been produced using call accounting have been invaluable for managing customer service goals.

KAISERComm’s attention to detail and continuous communication made for a very smooth technology upgrade for us. Even after the cut-over KAISERCOMM continues to provide excellent customer support. A recent example of this involved a VPN phone that needed to be deployed abroad. KAISERCOMM was able to quickly provide a phone and the necessary information to configure the phone and it worked flawlessly! “
Christopher Huerta
Vice President of Operations
Lifeworks, Inc.


“Our company has used KAISERComm to support two of our phone systems for several years. During this time we relocated multiple plants/offices, working with KAISERComm to coordinate and accomplish the moves. KAISERComm allows us to have contacts at each of our locations contact them directly to request support. This frees up my staff to address computer related issues instead of managing phone issues.”

” KAISERComm has provided excellent service and we recently began using them to support a third phone system at another one of our companies. The I.T. staff at Frandsen Corporation are very appreciative of the flexibility and services provided by KAISERComm. “
Kevin Engstrom
Corporate Director of I.T.
Frandsen Corporation


“Just hours after KAISERComm took over, we lost a controller card. A Kaiser tech was on site within an hour, switched out the bad controller card, tested and monitored the CBX until stable. What impressed me was the immediate response time, thoroughness of the work and the fact that I was informed and updated throughout the process.”
Bill Forrey
Seagate Technology


“Our school district was in desperate need of a new phone system to keep up with the growing demands of our faculty, staff and students. The project seemed overwhelming, but the team at KAISERComm was there for us every step of the way to guide us and help us choose the right solution that would not only meet our current requirements, but our future needs.”
Meg Johnson


“We have been incredibly pleased with the level of service and the low pricing we’ve received from KAISERComm. You always go the extra mile to make sure your solutions work in our environment and your sales and technical staff are top-notch.”


“Freeport West has been a customer of KAISERComm’s for over five years. We have found their support and partnership to be invaluable to our business. As a non-profit business, investing our capital in technology is a challenge. KAISERComm was able to offer us flexible, lower cost finance solutions that allowed us to implement the right technology for us to support our business. Their response times and customer service from both a sales and service perspective is outstanding! They are quick to answer calls and provide support. I consider myself a highly satisfied KAISERComm customer”
Diane Olson
Facilities Coordinator
Freeport West (Freeport West is a 40 year-old nonprofit agency providing programs and services to support homeless and at-risk youth.)