Avaya Customer Service

Improve agent productivity and customer intelligence


Businesses that understand how communications can enhance customer service and productivity will appreciate the powerful information IP Office Customer Service applications for Agents and Supervisors can deliver.
Whether a business has a traditional call center or simply people who answer phones, valuable data in customer calls can help improve customers’ experiences and deliver greater revenue and more satisfied and loyal customers. Available with IP Office Advanced Edition, Customer Service for Agents and Supervisors provides a wealth of information through intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces and tools.


Real-time Access to Information
Supervisors get point and click, drag and drop convenience for real-time information by agent or group of agents or to set alarm notifications and automatically deliver customized reports.

Through customizable views set by their supervisor, agents can see a wide range of information to help them budget their time based on workload, call queues and agent availability, including number of calls on hold or in progress, lost calls, number of agents logged in/out, and more. When an agent knows that no callers are waiting in queue, he or she can spend more time with customers building relationships, generating more revenue, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customizable Reports
Customer Service Supervisor offers easily customized reports to display specific information that is most relevant to the business:

  • Create a caller identification report to see where the most (or fewest) calls originate from (by area code, country code, prefix, etc.)
  • See how many calls have been taken over a period of time, the length of calls, and more
  • Set and adjust thresholds to trigger alarms to suit changing objectives and campaign targets
  • Schedule automatic report delivery in preferred formats

Detailed, actionable data helps Supervisors schedule staffing for peak times, provide relevant agent training (including recording and archiving of calls for later review) and to improve overall business performance.


Improve customer experience
provide highly personalized customer service with speed and efficiency

Manage staff more effectively
understand the peaks and valleys of call volumes so you can staff accordingly

Improve training
make better use of agent call recordings to enhance sales techniques and service skills

Grow revenue
detailed data on calling patterns helps drive more effective sales campaigns and day-to-day selling performance