Small & Medium Business

Siemens Solutions for Small Business

Get more done. Serve customers better. Save money.

However you define your business – by people, by revenue, by global scale, by complexity – the reality is that businesses of all sizes are striving to be more efficient. Especially for small- and medium-sized business, success lies in getting more done for less money and effort while providing better service to your most important asset: customers.

OpenScape Office

Built specifically for small and medium-sized business.  OpenScape Office helps to make small and medium-sized businesses be more productive, enables them to excel in customer service and cuts costs.

Delivering cutting-edge UC functionality, OpenScape Office collates voice and conference services, voice mail, messaging, mobility, a multimedia contact center and presence functionality to form an easy-to-use and flexible system.

HiPath 3000

Flexible communications platform for small and medium businesses that scales to 500 users

A modular communications platform, HiPath 3000 delivers industry-leading features for small and medium businesses with up to 500 users. It supports any combination of TDM, analog and IP telephones, PC clients and cordless phones, which makes it ideal for mixed IT and communications environments.


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