Unified Communications

Siemens solutions for Unified Communications

Unify your communications and give your virtual teams a unique advantage

Empower your teams with a harmonized unified communications and collaboration experience,. One that synchronizes all your technologies into a seamless, unified communications platform, and weaves communications capabilities directly into the way your business operates.

It begins with our software-based, unifying communications platform, which works with any IT, voice, and application environment, and which scales to an astounding 500,000 users. Locking into this platform is an award-winning suite of applications, including voice, video, web collaboration, mobility, and contact center.

The result is a transformation of your enterprise that amplifies collective effort, energizes your virtual teams, and dramatically improves business performance.

OpenScape UC Suite

When your communications solutions are unified, so are your people, because it fosters the sharing of information, which drives creativity, problem solving, and faster decisions.

The newest version of our OpenScape UC Suite provides organizations of any size, including those with hundreds of thousands employees, with the easiest path to collaborate more productively and communicate more seamlessly, inside and outside their organization.


OpenScape Mobility

Don’t just add mobile. Be mobile. We don’t treat mobile as an add-on; we transform how your employees communicate by seamlessly integrating mobility into collaboration applications and communications tools.

And we do this on the employee’s chosen device, creating a more agile, responsive workforce. Business happens everywhere. Are you ready?


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